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Doomlines IV

Doomlines is back for its fourth year; the heaviest part of Tramlines by a country mile brings the slow and heavy once again. Last year was a phenomenal success so we're going with the same venue and free entry again. Feast upon this...

Coltsblood / coltsblood.bandcamp.com/
Witchsorrow / www.youtube.com/watch?v=33rAKJvXbLg
Kurokuma / kurokumauk.bandcamp.com/
Ommadon / https://ommadon.bandcamp.com/
Archelon / archelonuk.bandcamp.com/
Groak / groak.bandcamp.com/
Tuskar / tuskar.bandcamp.com/
Barbarian Hermit / barbarianhermit.bandcamp.com/
A Hundred Black Kites / ahundredblackkites.bandcamp.com/
Damn Craters / damncraters.bandcamp.com/